Juliana Vanlet Plant Watering System

Automatic Irrigation - The Vanlet is an automatic drip irrigation and fertilizer system that day and night supplies the plants in your greenhouse or outdoors with an adjustable flow of water and fertilizer. Because the Vanlet system is simple, it therefore is very reliable.

The Vanlet consists of a tank unit in which water and fertilizer are mixed. The tank has an inner 2/5 US Gallon (2 liter) white feed tank which filters the fertilizer into the water flow. Water and fertilizer are dispersed to the plants via hoses, Y-connections and drip pins. The control plugs of the drip pins make it possible to individually adjust the amount of water for the plants; The Vanlet is adjustable from 2 to 30 gallons (10 to 150 liters) of water every 24 hours.

The Vanlet is supplied with 30 drip pins, 35 Y-connections, 27 yards (25 meters) of transport hose and fittings. It is also possible to extend the Vanlet system. Extra transport hose, connection hose, drip pins, Y-connections, measuring glass exclusive of gasket, gasket for measuring glass and 1/2" brass fittings are all available.

Vanlet Watering System JUA4201 - $138.00 Set
Sale Priced - $128.00