Velcro vs Tracking Attachments for Garage Door Screens

Having garage door screens is important because everyone knows that mosquitoes love to dwell often in dark humid places and the garage is a perfect place for that. Having screens on the garage door ensures your family’s safety from mosquitoes and the potential disease that they carry, such as malaria, H fever, dengue fever and the like.


Velcro tape attachments are known to be less expensive than tracking attachments. The Velcro attachment is flexible when dealing with odd shapes and the best path is an outside hang around support beams. Its doorways can be tied back for a limited opening and it will not slide open like tracking attachments.

Tracking Attachments

Tracking attachments are very easy to install because they have no brackets, although it can be more expensive than Velcro tape attachments. It is made of rust-proof aluminum which makes it waterproof and will be able to stand the toughest of weathers. Although when the tracking attachment is chosen, keep in mind that there are limitations when it comes to sloped areas.

Choosing the right Garage Door Screen

When you are choosing a screen door for your garage, the most important thing to consider is how it fits with how you use your garage. Think about what you mostly do in your garage, like if it is a place where you keep only your cars, a workshop or if it’s a place of recreation. Making this evaluation will help you make a decision that will not only benefit you but will save you a lot of money in the future as well.

An Easy Use of Velcro Tape Attachments for Multipurpose Garage Use

Velcro tape attachments are best used for garage doors that slide up. All you need to do is purchase the right size of screen of your preference; in this case a mosquito net will do fine. Make the necessary measurements and attach the Velcro straps to the inside of the garage door and roll up the screen as tightly as you can, strap it in place with the Velcro attachments. Whenever the garage doors slide up, all you have to do is release the screens from the Velcro strap and you have instant protection from bugs. To prevent the screen from flapping in the breeze, just secure the ends of the screen to the sides of the garage opening with the use of the same Velcro tape attachments.

Using Tracking Attachments

Tracking attachments allow for a more secure screen to be put up because the screens are kept in place by the tracks. It allows the screen to easily slide open and close, just like curtains, or you can also opt for stationary screens. Stationary screens can be tracking attachments as well and will work best for garages that are not used as carports. All you need is an access door to be able to go in and out of the garage. The use of tracking attachments or stationery screens hinders you from using your garage as a carport.