Stone Veneer Wall Installation Strategies Stone Veneer Wall Installation Strategies

Installing a stone veneer wall isn't a difficult job, but it can be time consuming. There are a few things you can do to shorten the time and make the installation smoother. 

Corners First

Corners are the most difficult part of the veneer wall installation. To save time, start with the corners first. Try to alternate long runs and short runs as you work.

Use a Chalk Line

Many people assume that the walls on their home are already going to be even. Even in new home construction, this isn't the case. To ensure you are installing the veneer evenly, use a chalk line and follow the lines created rather than trying to work by sight.

Dealing with Dripping Grout

If you drop some grout on the surface during the installation process, resist the temptation to wipe it away immediately. Doing this can cause the stone to become discolored. Instead, allow it to dry for about 30 minutes and just use a hand broom to flick it away.

Use Proper Flashing

Water run off will damage stone veneer quickly. To avoid water build up behind the veneer, make sure you install proper flashing. This will keep it dry behind the veneer panels.

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