Vent Covers Impact Airflow and Decor

Vent covers are designed to cover an air or heating duct so there isn’t a hole in the wall or floor. They do not directly affect the airflow into a room: the pressure put out by the heating or cooling system is high enough to push the air out through the grates on the vent cover.

Styles of Vent Covers

Vent covers are available in a widevariety of different styles. Most new homes contain basic covers that simply cover the duct hole. You can easily replace a plain style with a decorative cover that matches your tastes and your home's décor. All vent covers will stay in place if installed properly. New magnetic vent covers are reliable, but they are also easy to remove and clean.

Adjustable Register Covers Vs. Register Covers

A standard register cover only functions to cover the hole. An adjustable register cover uses a simple louver system to limit, direct and even stop airflow. These allow you to cut off the air supply to specific rooms of the house when not in use. Not only will an adjustable register cover help reduce the expenses of heating and cooling unused rooms, but it will improve airflow to other rooms that actually are in use.