Vent Pipe

If you don’t have a vent pipe already installed in your house you may want to add one to reduce the odor of your septic plumbing. If you happen to notice a smell from your plumbing you will need to install a vent pipe. The vent pipe helps prevent vapors from getting caught in your plumbing system.

• Start by installing a 2 inch PVC pipe. You will want to install it behind the wall where the sink drain is. The easiest way to install it is to use a T adapter to split the drain from the vent pipe.
• You will need to install a vent pipe for each one of your drains if they are not sharing a common drain.
• You will then be able to combine all vent pipes into one pipe that can lead out of the roof.
• After putting the vent pipe through the roof you will want to cover it with a decorative vent.

Tip for Installing Your Vent Pipe

When installing the vent pipe you will want to try to connect the vents in the attic. This leaves the most room for connecting the different pipes and allows you to choose the exiting point for the vent pipe.