Vented or Ventless Propane Fireplace: Which Is More Efficient?

When deciding between a ventless propane fireplace or a vented model, there are a few things you should know about the efficiency and operating look of both units. Each type requires a main source gas line provided by your local gas company.

Vented Propane Fireplace

This unit will give you a realistic-looking fireplace flame. The vented style uses a flue pipe or a standard masonry chimney. As long as the damper is open, it does not require carbon monoxide monitoring. The fumes or smells exit the home just like a wood burning fireplace. These units require slightly more gas than a ventless fireplace.

Ventless Propane Fireplace

The aesthetics produced by a ventless fireplace are not as realistic as a vented fireplace will produce. Ventless burning gas produces more moisture in your home. Some cities do not permit ventless fireplaces, check your local codes. While it will be necessary to leave a window or door cracked open while using the ventless propane fireplace, the heat that is produced is much more efficient than a vented propane fireplace. It will use less gas and release fewer pollutants into the air.