Ventless Electric Fireplace Explained

You may wonder what a ventless electric fireplace is and why anyone would want one. There are some advantages to ventless, but as will most things, it depends on your situation.

No Draft Needed
The standard fireplace, including a vented electric fireplace, requires a draft or flue to send of excess emissions and heat. An electric fireplace does not produce dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide, so the fireplace does not actually need to be vented. However, some models are vented to produce a more realistic flame.

The advantage of a ventless electric fireplace is that there is no need for a chimney or any kind of piping – it can be placed in any room of the house with no preparation.

Efficient Use of Heat
With ventless units, none of the heat is going up the chimney or into the air, so it is blown by the fans into the room where the fireplace is located.

This means that the heater is more efficient and a better source of heat. So if the primary reason that you are buying an electric fireplace is as a supplemental heat source, then a ventless model is probably best.

Legal Anywhere!

And anytime! With a ventless electric fireplace, you can flip on the heat and flame at any minute without any regard for burning bans.