Vertical Broiler

Priced from about $1,000 to $1,500 or more, depending on the model, a vertical broiler is a mainstay of fast food gyro and Mediterranean restaurants. Able to hold a 30-pound chunk of meat up to 16 inches in diameter, this gas or electric kitchen appliance cooks chicken, beef or lamb quickly and effectively. Vertical broilers produce crisp, flavorful and juicy meat that easily carves right off the skewer. Made for countertop use, vertical broilers feature a durable, commercial-grade construction that is easy to clean.


Autodoner is a leader among manufacturers of vertical broilers. Their units feature multi-temp controls, a stylish and sleek stainless steel design and a vertically-mounted skewer to hold the side of meat. Its pivoting action enable easy loading and unloading. Highly efficient, vertical broilers rotate slowly, about 2.5 revolutions per minute.


Found in Mediterranean restaurants throughout the world, vertical broilers allow meat to broil slowly but thoroughly, keeping the food warm even after cooking is complete. Grease drains down and off of the food, ultimately providing healthier meat that isn't saturated with fat. Included with the unit are the necessary attachments, including skewer, drain pan and cover. Gas models put out around 30,000 BTUs, while electric models require a 240-volt power supply.