Vertical Gardening Made Easy: We Try Out the Downpipe Garden

Downpipe Garden set up on wooden post

Looking for a way to add beauty to a boring downpipe or post in your yard? Downpipe Garden is a new product that promises to make vertical gardening easy. With no tools required, the steps look simple enough for anyone, so we put it to the test.

The Downpipe Garden is essentially a planter that attaches to vertical sections, like a downpipe or post, around your home or yard. Each box comes with two wide planters, two hanging frames, and four zip ties to get you started. The hanging frames fit into each other so you can have two tiers (or more) of planters. The whole fixture can be removed easily, just cut the zip ties, and set up elsewhere.

Everything inside the Downpipe Garden kit

The kit came with two sets of instructions: one for round downpipes, and one for other types of square downpipes or posts. Downpipes are usually attached to the home using metal brackets, so the Downpipe Garden utilizes those to stabilize its position along the pipe. If your chosen pipe or post does not have brackets, the extra zip ties are used instead by tightening one around the pipe beforehand, with the head of the tie facing forward, at the desired height. The hanging frame rests on the bracket or tie and is secured with another zip tie, and this is repeated for the second frame. All that’s left afterwards is to slide the planters into place on the frames.

Admittedly the instructions sounded a little confusing at first, but step-by-step pictures were included, and it made sense once we saw how everything fit together. Actually installing the fixture took no time at all, the longest step for us was making sure the zip ties were extra tight and secure so our plants would stay put. Each piece fit perfectly together and looked great against our wooden post.

The pots themselves have two holes in the bottom so water will be distributed to the pot below when it rains or while you’re watering. The whole fixture is made from plastic, with the frames designed to look like wood, and everything felt strong and solid. The frames are sized to fit standard posts and pipes, with a design that hugs the sides well so it doesn’t take up extra space.

Downpipe Garden hanging frame zip tied to post

We loved how convenient and quick this product was. Vertical gardening is becoming more popular year after year and this feels like a great way for any type of DIYer to get started in an easy way. This could also be a great solution for apartment dwellers with limited space. Currently there is only one design available, but their website has an in-progress Accessories section that we hope will bring more customization to the line.

We met with the owner/inventor during the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, where he showed us how everything worked and spoke about his progress. He’s a lifelong DIYer himself who invented it out of necessity, which helped him understand what real homeowners needed. Currently the kit is only available in Australia, with plans to expand.