Vertical Vinyl Siding Vertical Vinyl Siding

Vertical vinyl siding is a form of vinyl siding that has vertical panels. This type of siding is used mainly in the construction of newer homes priced between $250,000 to $300,000 and also in the remodeling of a home. Vertical vinyl siding, like all types of siding is considerable less expensive than the cost of other types of materials used in the building of a home. The cost for a vertical vinyl sided home can be up to 3 to 4 times less than the use of fiber and cement siding, brick siding, wood siding or stone siding.

What Differentiates Vertical Vinyl Siding   

A vertical vinyl siding panel can be found in different colors, styles and sizes. The vertical siding panel is more durable than other types of materials used in the construction or renovation of a home. This siding types does not have the same maintenance requirements as other types of siding. This mean that it is not necessary to paint or do other types of maintenance on a regular basis with vertical vinyl siding as in the case of other types of siding used.

Choosing Vertical Vinyl Siding

You should choose vertical vinyl siding for your home if it matches the look and style that you are looking to achieve.


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