Vertical Wind Turbine Placement Tips Vertical Wind Turbine Placement Tips

A vertical wind turbine is a great option for those who are looking into an alternative energy source. These wind turbines are much like a regular wind turbine, but they have curved blades that reach vertical rather than in an outward pattern. They give the wind turbine an oval shape when you see them from a distance. Vertical wind turbines are not only a good energy option, but also gives a little more stylish look to the traditional wind turbine.

Location Is Everything

Much like working with a solar panel, you want to make sure that the position where you place your vertical wind turbine is going to be the most beneficial for you. Unobstructed wind is a must for working with a wind turbine. They must have enough wind to compensate for the amount of force is takes to move the turbine itself. It is estimated that it takes close to 8 to 10 mph in wind speed to move the wind turbine in order to start producing any type of energy. Finding the most optimal place for your vertical wind turbine will ensure that you get the most energy from it.

Unobstructed Wind

The reason that so many wind turbines are built on top of mountains is that the wind does not have to work through a lot of different obstructions. This wind is what is called as unobstructed wind and can be more powerful than wind that is along the ground surface. When you want to find the best location for your vertical wind turbine you should look for the highest point that you can find.

Pole Mount

If you are able to afford this type of installation, a pole mounted vertical wind turbine will give you the most amount of wind power than one that is lower to the ground. This way the turbine is mounted by itself can generate power for all your needs. The big disadvantage of this type of installation is the cost involved. Estimates for erecting the poles, building the foundation, and then lifting the turbine into position can be into the $20,000 and $30,000 range.

Roof Mount

A more economical way to install your vertical wind turbine is to mount it on your roof. You will want to make sure that the turbine is installed at the highest point and that there are no peaks and valleys in the way. You do not want to have it too much higher than the roof or it will cause a lot of pressure to the home's walls and foundations.

In a Field

Many farmers have vertical wind turbines located in their fields away from their homes. This is because the wind has a wide channel from which to blow and there is not problems with other obstructions. This can be mounted on a high pole system, or just 20 feet off the ground. The largest expense would be getting the wiring to the batteries so that you can convert the wind power into usable energy.

Between Buildings

There are some parts of the country when the wind blows a great deal. Because of this there are small wind channels that are formed by buildings. Place a vertical wind turbine in these channels is a good idea if the wind is sustainable.

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