Vessel Sink Drain Installation Tips Vessel Sink Drain Installation Tips

A vessel sink can add a sophisticated flare to any bathroom. Here are a few quick tips to make installation easier.

Make Sure The Drain Is Where You Want It

Don't assume you can just cut the hole for the sink drain in the center of the vanity and it will be how you envision it. Position the sink on the vanity where you want it and then mark where you will cut the hole for the drain accordingly. If it ends up being where you would have cut the hole anyway, great, but if you end up liking the look of the sink in a slightly different place, you could have saved yourself a whole lot of extra work and hassle (or a whole lot of learning to live with a sink that isn't as perfect as it could be) by double checking this before hand.

Double Check If You Were Planning On A Recessed Mount

If you decided on a recessed mounting of your sink instead of a counter top mounting double check your sink to make sure it will work. Only sinks with a perfectly smooth bowl can be done using the recessed method mounting; if it isn't perfectly smooth the sink basin won't fit snugly into the hole in the vanity you've cut for it. On that note, it is also a good idea to double (and maybe triple) check that the hole is a perfect circle or you will also have problems.

Make Sure The Sink Will Stay In Place

Many times the sink can be held in place by nothing but the drain and the weight of the basin itself but don't assume that; check the drain and basin you plan on using to see if you should consider adding adhesive for good measure.


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