How to Use a Post Hole Digger Video Transcript

BRAD PENNINGTON: Hey guys, how are you? So a few things when laying your posts in the ground, or embedding a four by four post, or building a structure.

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Support pillars, standing posts, or fencing can all be installed in this manner. The key to that is go anywhere from 17 to say 20 inches. Legally, you have to go that far down. To do that, you're going to want one of these little fancy post diggers. Use a post hole digger that has strong metal blades and handles made from a sturdy material like wood or even fiberglass. This'll actually bore out the perfect size hole that you need to go down in doing that 17 to 20 inches, you'll usually use about two 50 pound bags of Quikrete concrete mixer.

'Do-it-yourself' does not mean go it alone. So find a buddy like Johnny so you don't break your back. Also make sure you plumb the sides of your posts. A structure is plumb when it is straight along its vertical axis. Now that's a common mistake because when most people put it in, they'll eyeball it, do the eyeball test, and next thing you know, your post is leaning this way.

If you do those tips, then you're going to have a beautiful fence or structure for anything that you're going to put up.

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