Add Character with Vintage Cabinet Knobs

Vintage cabinet knobs add character and even a touch of nostalgia to your cabinetry. More and more homeowners are taking on a retro look when remodeling their homes.

Choosing Vintage is About Being Creative

Rather than settle for a set of knobs that are plain, you should consider looking around and buying a set of vintage cabinet knobs to add some style and flair to the room. These knobs take you back to the days when quality was considered over quantity.

Where to Look For Vintage Knobs

Vintage cabinet knobs can be purchased from a variety of places. These locations include shops and online stores that deal exclusive in such products. Other places that you can search to find just the right set are:

  • online auction services such as eBay
  • search for estate sales in your local area
  • classified sites and papers

Variety of Styles and Designs

These knobs come in a variety of styles and designs and are made up of different materials including glass, brass, metal alloys and even wood. It really doesn't matter which theme or time period you want to take your room too, with the variety available you're sure to find just the right set.