Vintage Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding hair accessories can make or break the way a bride will look on her special day. Aside from her dress, veil and hair, she will also need that special item to enhance her appearance, but she may have trouble deciding on a new piece or something vintage in the way of head dressing. Consider the following attractive and unique hair accessories for your wedding 'do.

1 – Vintage Rhinestone Headpieces

From the 1920s Charleston era comes a rhinestone head dress that drapes over the bride's forehead. The spangled artifact is made from chains of silver and has a front-facing rhinestone designed center piece that hangs on her upper forehead. It would be ideal for a period wedding or Celtic ceremony.

2 – Hair Broaches

The various styles of hair broaches can have designs of flowers, clusters of precious stones or even porcelain molds. Vintage designs tend to err toward the floral and decorative designs and the art deco period especially was a radiant period in fashion and design.

3 – Vintage Hair Bands

Hair bands do not have to be elasticized straps that sit around the head. Indeed, they can be soft, elegant stylish creations which pin into the hair and sit beautifully atop the bride's head.

4 – Tiaras

Tiaras are a common sight at many weddings. A bride may picture ‘her day’ as the princess dream come true and top it off with a vintage tiara, garnished with precious diamonds. Vintage tiaras will not be cheap, but you can find some at reasonable prices.