Vinyl Board and Batten Siding Installation: 3 Tips

Using vinyl board and batten siding will reduce overall maintenance times and repair costs needed to keep your siding intact. The materials in the vinyl based units extend the life of the traditional wood panels used by early pioneers. These were originally used to create a simple form of siding for the home that could be installed and repaired easily. Vinyl siding does not need much in the way of maintenance if it is installed correctly.

Mounting Precautions

When you go to mount your vinyl board and batten siding, you want to use precise measurements to avoid leaving gaps. If there are any gaps in the siding it will allow insects as well as the environment to get inside your walls. You can prevent this by making sure all your ends are flush and mounted correctly the first time around.

Weather Proofing

You can water proof your vinyl board and batten siding by placing a bead of sealant on all exposed ends. This will make it more difficult to remove panels for repair or replacement later on, as the pieces will be adhered to one another with rubber sealants.

Trimming the Ends

The ends of your vinyl board and batten siding should come together evenly underneath the lip of your roof. This is to prevent water from getting in between your walls from the top causing rot and mold.