Vinyl Fence Cleaning Guide

A vinyl fence.
What You'll Need
Grease-cutting dish soap
Rubber gloves

A lot of the apparent dirt on a vinyl fence may actually be mold, which thrives in a moist environment. Countless products on the market claim to clean and disinfect a vinyl fence, but this article will show you why the best cleaning agent for a vinyl fence is one you probably already have in the laundry room.

EPA's Recognition of Household Bleach

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized household bleach as a safe and effective household disinfectant. It's just as effective as vinyl fence cleaners that may not enjoy the same recognition by the EPA.

Dilute the bleach with hot water and add a tablespoon of grease-cutting dish soap. This solution will remove light grease build-up and most dirt deposits, as well as many forms of mold and bacteria.

Easy Application to Your Vinyl Fence

Wear a pair of thick rubber gloves and mix the solution well. With a sponge, lightly wet the entire surface of one vinyl fence panel. Allow the solution to sit on the fence for at least a minute, then wipe the surface firmly with the sponge. Rinse the panel and the sponge with a hose.

Move to the next panel of vinyl fencing. Household bleach and grease-cutting dish soap will remove all but the most stubborn stains, such as paint or nail polish, which you must remove with the appropriate product for that particular substance.