Vinyl Fence Posts: Determining the Proper Spacing

Vinyl fence posts are a very low maintenance solution to a homeowner's fencing needs. There are different types of vinyl fence posts on the market today, depending on what type of fence you are installing. For the most part, a six foot privacy fence is the most popular in many landscapes and yards. Many people are turning towards vinyl fence posts because of the low maintenance of the material. With some periodic cleaning, these fence posts can last for several years without any problems.

Vinyl Fence Post Spacing

One of the important aspects of installing a fence with vinyl posts is the spacing in between each posts. The spacing is important because if the posts are placed too far apart, they will not adequately hold the weight of the fence. There is also the problem of the fence panels not sitting right in the fence posts. Taking the time to space out the vinyl fence posts will save you a lot of headache during the installation.

Take Measurement of Entire Area

Before buying any fencing material, you should measure the entire area where the fence will go. This will not only let you know how much fencing you will need, but also help to determine the amount of fence posts and the spacing of each one.

Mark Spacing with Paint

Another way to help you determine the spacing of the vinyl fence posts is to apply some landscaping paint at the locations where the posts should go. Using the above example, you should be placing the fence posts every 6 feet along the perimeter of the area that you are fencing in. Place an 'X' in each of the locations.

Take Into Consideration Materials Used

The proper spacing for vinyl fence posts is also going to also be greatly dependent upon the type of fence you are going to be using. The length of the panels, or the rails, is going to determine the spacing for you.

Work Around Obstacles

When working out the spacing of the vinyl fence posts, you may need to work around some of the obstacles that can be found in the ground. There may be a post where underground wires are located, roots in the way, or a large rock. When this happens, you will need to alter the shape of the fence to accommodate for the obstruction.

Set Posts As You Install Fence

Another easy way to determine the spacing for the fence posts is to install the post as you work on the fence. Choose the location of the first post and install the first panel for the fence. Using a brace to hold up the fence panel, mark the location for the next vinyl fence post. Remove the fence panel and dig the hole for the post. With this done, you can then permanently install the fence panel and repeat the process for the next post. This will ensure the correct spacing every time.