Vinyl Floor Tile Removal: 3 Tips

The process of vinyl floor tile removal is usually the most difficult part of remodeling a room. Vinyl tile is typically very stubborn and does not come up very easily. It is usually never going to be easy, but here are a few tips that might help lessen the burden.

1. Use Water

One of the most helpful tips is to use water in the removal process. Before you fully start to take up all of the tile, it can help to loosen the adhesive. Use a utility knife to score the tile and then cover the floor with a little water. The water will soak below the tile and help make it easier to remove.

2. Utilize Scrapers

Flooring installers use large scraper blades to increase leverage power when taking up vinyl tile. This helps you get up under the edge of the vinyl and adhesive and get it off the floor.

3. Bring Help

Taking up vinyl tile could be one of the toughest jobs associated with flooring. If you are doing a large area of vinyl tile, you should bring some help. The more people you have with a scraper, the faster it will come up.