Vinyl Garage Doors: 3 Reasons to Choose Them Vinyl Garage Doors: 3 Reasons to Choose Them

Garage doors are a valuable and long-lasting asset to your home, and vinyl garage doors may be the longest-lasting choice.

Like vinyl siding, vinyl garage doors will not need to be painted - ever. While other materials may fade and discolor, vinyl will maintain its color for as long as the door lasts. It may only need to be rinsed periodically with a garden hose.

Insects and Rot
Wooden garage doors may have a certain rustic quality, but an infestation of termites or another tiny insect will destroy the doors. In addition, garage doors are exposed the elements. The constant exposure to moisture and heat will cause wood doors to rot. Vinyl garage doors will not rot and will not be destroyed by insects.

Dents, Rust, Temperature
Steel is a strong material, but when it is exposed to the bouncing balls of children or even just a mild hailstorm, it will become badly dented. After a few months' exposure to moisture, the steel will rust and become weak. Vinyl garage doors will not dent or rust. In addition, steel provides little insulation against the heat or cold. Vinyl garage doors will maintain a comfortable temperature inside the garage.

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