Vinyl Gutter Repair: 3 Tips

Vinyl gutter repair is a simple process that can save a great deal of time and money over the option of replacing the whole system. Most gutter repair jobs will only require a few tools and minimal time.

1. Get Proper Measurements

Before you start repairing sections of your gutter, make sure you have good measurements for any pieces that may need to be replaced. With vinyl gutters, badly damaged sections can be replaced without tearing the whole system down.

2. Sealing Seams

While you are repairing the gutter system, be sure to seal all the seams. You can find silicone-based caulk made specifically for vinyl gutter material. If you don't do this, the gutters will just leak at the seams and require more repair later.

3. Repairing Patches

If you have small areas that have been damaged from falling tree branches or storms, you can typically repair this with a patch rather than replacing the section. Vinyl gutter patches are available at any home improvement store and only cost a few dollars. Measure the area that needs to be patched and add 2 inches. Purchase a patch kit for this size. You will need to use sandpaper to sand around the damaged area, and apply the patch to a clean, dry area with the provided adhesive.