Vinyl Log Siding Vinyl Log Siding

If you are looking for an affordable home that feels like a cabin in the woods, consider installing vinyl log siding for your home's exterior. Vinyl log siding gives your home the look of a log cabin but you do not need to spend the extra time maintaining it as you would with a real log cabin.

Durability and Styles

Most brands of vinyl log siding is very durable and will withstand all weather types. It is generally available in many shades, styles and textures, allowing you to select the look you will enjoy the most. Because more than one shade is available, you vinyl can appear to be made from pine, oak, cedar or many other types of wood.

Easy to Maintain

People enjoy the look of log cabins, but with real wood you must worry about it becoming infested with insect, rot, staining and the seal between the wood becoming broken. You can also get splinters while maintaining the wood.

With the vinyl log siding, you do not need to worry about these things as it is maintenance free. It will not rot or become insect infested, nor will it fade or settle. The only thing you should do is clean it once every other year with a power washer.

Vinyl log siding can give your home the appearance you want without that extra hassle.



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