Vinyl Siding Color Selection

Man on a ladder leaning against vinyl siding on a tan house.

Before deciding on the vinyl siding color for your home, the most important thing to remember is that vinyl siding is dyed. It is not painted. What this essentially means is that once you pick a color, you will be wedded to it for as long as you keep the vinyl siding. It is possible to find a paint that will adhere to the vinyl, but the effort could be more than it is ultimately worth. Vinyl siding, if cleaned once a year to help maintain it, will last a lifetime. Eventually, it will start to crack and break down. The first thing that will happen is the color will fade. As a siding material, however, it will last longer than almost anything.

Choosing Vinyl

Choosing vinyl for the siding material is advantageous because of its lasting power and low maintenance upkeep. Not only that, but vinyl siding comes in almost every style imaginable. It is designed to resemble cedar siding, half round siding, board and batten siding, even a log cabin. Since it is injection molding polyvinyl chloride, it can be formed into almost any shape.

Therefore, when opting to go with vinyl siding, it is important to carefully consider the choice of color. Short of replacing it, the color you choose will adorn the home for a long time. For some, the ability to paint and repaint is too enticing, albeit time consuming. Because of this, vinyl siding is not for every homeowner. Despite all of its advantages, its fixed color could make the choice less desirable.

Color Selection

Man cleaning siding on a building

House color is a very important decision people enjoy making. Homeowners prefer a color that not only suits their tastes but will remain stylish in the future should they ever want to sell their home. Vinyl siding comes in numerous colors that are considered popular choices among house painters. Undoubtedly, as new painting seasons bring new colors to the forefront of popularity, vinyl siding manufacturers jump on the bandwagon and offer their product in new and trendy colors.

When choosing a color for your vinyl siding, try to pick something that will always be popular. Neutral colors like gray, tan, and various shades of brown always seem to be appropriate. Vinyl siding colors can be found all over the spectrum, with a focus on reds, blues and both cool and warm earth tones. Another important consideration to make is the UV protection inherent in the color. The biggest problem with vinyl siding is its ability to fade after time in the sunlight. Make sure, when picking out a color, that the siding possesses a high level of UV resistance.

Vinyl siding is superior to almost every other type of siding due to its strength, flexibility, lasting power and relatively low cost. About the only disadvantage it has is that it cannot be painted. For this reason, you ought to be sure of your color choice when picking out vinyl siding. Given the fact that it can last a lifetime, the color you choose will be a part of the home for as long as you keep the siding.