Vinyl Soffit Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

The vinyl soffit is one of the most commonly used and popular products in exterior home remodeling. Vinyl has replaced aluminum in all new construction and remodeling projects because it is less expensive and more versatile. Installing vinyl soffit is relatively easy; beware the common mistakes listed below to ensure a successful project.

Installing the Soffit Pieces Whole

Most people think that the soffit pieces should be installed as they are bought—in large pieces. Instead, you should cut the soffit pieces in many shorter pieces. You will need to install them perpendicularly to the wall, so the smaller pieces will be easier to handle.

Cutting with a Dull Saw

Avoid using old saw blades that are not sharp enough. When cutting the soffit pieces, you will need to use a sharp hole saw and have a steady hand. Otherwise, you might end up tearing the soffit panels.

Not Fitting the J Channel

One of the most common mistakes that people do when installing soffits is that they don’t fit the J channel on the wall before installing the soffit panels. The vinyl soffit will fit on the J channel, which has to be in place with no gaps so that the soffit panels are also secured.