Vinyl Tape

Vinyl tape may refer to many different kinds of tape, from electrical tape to the familiar hazard tape found at crime scenes, construction areas and anywhere else a temporary barricade is needed. Vinyl tape comes in numerous colors and possesses certain inherent physical properties that make it highly useful in many applications. It may be used to mark floors, to identify or color code wiring or piping and even to temporarily secure cables, lightweight sheeting or other materials. 

Vinyl Tape Properties

Commonly backed by a rubber adhesive for exceptional stickability, vinyl tape is nonetheless easy to remove and does so cleanly. Because it is largely resistant to abrasions, it can be applied on the floor under heavy foot or vehicle traffic to mark positions or indicate pathways. It won't lose its color, and it is very conformable and easy to manipulate. Despite this, vinyl tape holds its shape well, allowing for straighter lines when necessary.

Durable and Resistant

Vinyl tape will resist most types of solvents as well as oil, grease and moisture. Some types are heat resistant up to 225 degrees F. Thanks to this durability, vinyl tape is the adhesive of choice for safety marking on floors, walls and any other applicable surface.