Vinyl Tile Installation

What You'll Need
Vinyl tiles
Measuring tape
Utility knife

Vinyl tile installation has become a task practically anyone can do. This is mainly due to the fact that such tiles are being manufactured in such a way that they enable easy installation. Let us outline the main steps involved.

Step 1: Measuring

Measure the area you intend to cover. On the basis of such dimensions, determine how many vinyl tiles you have to acquire. Make sure to add some extra ones for allowance purposes.

Step 2: Preparation

Next, prepare the room by removing any furniture and cleaning the floor properly. You also have to inspect the subfloor so as to ensure that it is in good condition before installing the tiles. It is crucial to have a level floor, so in case there are any holes or cracks, or uneven areas, make sure you do the necessary repairs and adjustments.

Step 3: Install the Underlayment

Next, install the underlayment. This is especially important if the floor is rather uneven.

Step 4: Cut the Tiles

Then, you have to cut the tiles to fit in the area you need to cover. Use a utility knife for this task and try to be as precise as possible.

Step 5: Installing the Tiles

Most vinyl tiles are easy to install. You just have to peel away their backing and place the tile carefully onto the floor. Press it downwards and try to make sure that it is even. When installing the tiles next to it, you need to ensure that a linear result is achieved.

Step 6: Final Touches

Finally, apply caulking in any gaps so as to have a neater outcome.