Vinyl Tiles - A Practical Kitchen Choice Vinyl Tiles - A Practical Kitchen Choice

Looking to upgrade your kitchen but you're on a tight budget? One alternative you might want to consider is giving your new kitchen a new vinyl tile floor. While vinyl tiles have ben around for  quite a while they are still make a practical choice for a new kitchen floor. Just some advantages of vinyl tiles include they can be installed by virtually any DIY'er who is willing to take some time and put in some effort, plus, they're inexpensive when compared to other kitchen flooring alternatives and they're available in a wide range of colors and patterns so they can fit in to any decor. Here's some information on vinyl tiles to help you along.

Why choose vinyl tiles?

  • Today's vinyl tiles are available in all kinds of patterns so they can look like virtually any type of floor surface imaginable (stone, ceramic, even wood).
  • While most vinyl tiles are 12" square they are available in larger square or longer plank shapes making them one of the easiest types of flooring to install.
  • Older vinyl tiles used to require you to spread vinyl adhesive on the floor before laying your tiles, but nowadays most vinyl tiles have adhesive already applied to their back side so they're self sticking and ready to install. All you need to do is peel off the paper backing and press the tile onto the floor. As an added bonus, since they're glued in place individually, if one is cut or damaged over the years they're easy to replace
  • Vinyl tiles are flexible (not rigid like ceramic or stone) making them an ideal choice for a floor that has any movement in it (any other type of tile would crack over time with the movement). Plus, vinyl's flexibility makes the tiles soft and comfortable to stand on in a kitchen and they are resilient so can bounce back from minor dents.
  • Unfortunately there is a downside to vinyl tiles and while they can stand up to a certain amount of moisture (such as they could be exposed to in a kitchen), they shouldn't be installed in truly wet environments such as a shower.

Choosing your tiles

  • Vinyl tiles come in different thickness so when choosing your tiles look for a tile that's thick enough to stand up over the years. Actually pick up individual tiles and twist them to get an idea of how strong the individual tiles are before choosing.
  • Also check the tile box for warranty information. Tile warranties can range from as little as three years all the way up to twenty years, so be sure to choose the one the meets your requirements.
  • It's best to purchase three or four sample tiles in colors and patterns you like so you can see how they look in your kitchen before you make a final decision.
  • Check all the boxes of tile to be sure the pattern and lot numbers are the same. While manufacturers try to keep colors and patterns consistent, different lots may have some color or pattern variation.
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