Vinyl vs Aluminum Rain Gutters

Over the course of time an aluminum rain gutter has been the most popular choice of gutter among homeowners. However, as time has progressed an alternative has appeared. This alternative is vinyl rain gutters. There are very distinct differences between the two, and the better choice is unique to each individual.

In terms of cost, the vinyl is the least expensive material to purchase and install. Aluminum gutters vary in cost depending upon the thickness of the metal purchased. Unfortunately, although the vinyl is much less expensive than aluminum, it also does not have nearly as long of a lifespan. Aluminum gutters, once invested in, will last a very long time. Additionally, neither gutter will rust, however, aluminum is more prone to damage like dents and dings.

Aluminum gutters are readily available is numerous colors, while vinyl gutters typically only come in brown and white. Any other color choice for vinyl must be specially ordered and will cost additional money. The last difference is the fact that vinyl gutters are installed in sections, but aluminum gutters are seamless. Therefore, aluminum gutters are less prone to leak.

Both types of gutters have clear advantages and disadvantages. What gutter is right for you is an individual choice. Weigh the factors, and you'll make the right choice!