Vinyl vs Aluminum Sliding Windows Vinyl vs Aluminum Sliding Windows

When it comes to a choice between vinyl sliding windows and aluminum sliding windows, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each one. Here are some ideas of the main points of argument relating to each model.

Vinyl Sliding Windows

Vinyl windows are more expensive, but their quality is unsurpassed. They are tremendously low maintenance and easy to look after. They are highly durable and some vinyl windows are manufactured with core insulation that offers soundproofing and thermal protection.

One of the limitations of vinyl windows is the color. They are not made in many different color options and white or beige seem to be the only choices that are available. Also, because of the nature of the manufacture of vinyl, these windows have become increasingly unfriendly toward the environment. PVC is heavily criticized for its lack of biodegradable capability.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminum windows are excellent for noise reduction and perform well under the pressures of noisy streets. Aluminum is also extremely cheap in comparison to vinyl and aluminum can be recycled to a large extent, where vinyl cannot. This makes aluminum far more environmentally friendly.

Lack of character is definitely a thought that comes to mind with aluminum. It may be highly functional, durable and practical, but it is quite bland and ugly. If you are looking for style when thinking about replacement windows then aluminum will not be the first choice that springs to mind.

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