Vinyl vs Aluminum Window Frames

When choosing what type of window frames you want to use for home, you can choose between vinyl and aluminum window frames. Before purchasing, you need to know the difference between the two.

Cost Difference

Aluminum frames do not need to be replaced entirely. Only replace the windows that have been damaged. Vinyl window frames, on the other hand, need to be replaced entirely because it is difficult to match the frame with the existing window you have. This makes aluminum frames more cost-effective than vinyl window frames.

Noise Reduction

Aluminum window frames can keep outside noise away better than vinyl window frames. This is a result of a series of studies conducted by competent groups.


You can acquire better insulation if you use vinyl frames. This will keep out heat and cold better than aluminum frames.


Aluminum window frames need to be repainted every once in a while since the color can chip off. Vinyl frames hardly need any painting since their color lasts for much longer.


Aluminum window frames are more durable. They can therefore stand stronger winds and much harsher weather conditions.


Aluminum window frames are more susceptible to moisture which can cause damage. Vinyl frames can resist snow and rain conditions better.