Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows

If you are planning on replacing your windows, then you have found yourself in the middle of the vinyl vs. fiberglass windows debate. Vinyl windows are known to be an inexpensive solution, and fiberglass windows are known for their longevity. So, you need to decide which is one is better for you. Manufacturers of both will list advantage after advantage on why their product reigns supreme. Whether you are replacing old, leaky windows, for a more energy efficient home, or giving your home a new look, the question still remains. Put together a budget and examine your future plans. The choice of vinyl or fiberglass depends on you.


There are more things to consider than just the initial cost. If you are only comparing the cost of vinyl vs. fiberglass windows, you will find that vinyl windows are indeed cheaper. Both types of windows are very close in price, when you are looking at one window at a time. Calculate the cost of all of the windows you are replacing, and that is where you will see the savings add up. Although vinyl wins on cost, fiberglass wins on strength. Fiberglass windows are said to be eight times stronger than vinyl, suffer less from weather changes, and require less insulation. Because vinyl windows can crack, warp, or bow over time, they will need to be replaced in the future. If you plan to remain in the same house for many years, then fiberglass is the investment you want to make. 

Environmentally Friendly

In the debate of vinyl vs. fiberglass windows, when it comes to the environment, they come out equal. Replacing old windows that leak air is always a good idea. Vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows will definitely help your home be more energy efficient. This allows you to use less energy when cooling or heating your home. There was a time where environmentalists were concerned over dioxin emissions from vinyl windows and siding, that were harmful to the environment. Since that time, the vinyl community has made great changes and reduced those emissions by 70 percent, making either choice a good one.


If you are purchasing window replacements because your current ones are in bad shape, you need your new ones to do their job. Whether you chose vinyl or fiberglass, neither one of them will do the job if they aren't installed properly. When the question is vinyl vs. fiberglass windows costing more or less than the other to install, both require the same amount of work, so it comes down to the quality of the work.


In the debate over vinyl vs. fiberglass windows, they are both easily maintained. However, fiberglass windows need to be painted, so this adds to maintenance. On the other hand, vinyl should not be painted. It depends on whether you like the choice of changing the color of the windows or needing to paint or not paint. With plenty of styles and color patterns to chose from in both, you will not have any problem finding one that suites you. Ultimately, vinyl vs. fiberglass windows is a preference rather than one being better or worse than another.

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