Vinyl vs Linoleum: Which Is Better for the Bathroom?

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What You'll Need
Utility knife
Small square
Measuring tape

Vinyl tiles and linoleum tiles have their own advantages when considering them as materials for bathroom floors. With the improvement in technology, both linoleum and vinyl have been re-invented and improved upon. The following article discusses the need for careful consideration when putting down a bathroom floor and the differences in vinyl and linoleum flooring.

What You Need in a Bathroom Floor

The bathroom needs special flooring as compared to the rest of the house. This is because the floor is constantly splashed with water, making normal tiles and floorings slippery. The water can also cause damage very easily, and materials like wood can swell up or rot over a period of time. Rubber floors available are not very nice to look at, and stone floors can be cold and stain easily. Apart from slipping, fire hazards, and stains the other important thing to keep in mind when considering bathroom floors is the sound since bathrooms are the most private rooms of the house, and you need flooring that is soundproof to an extent. The solution to this is choosing between vinyl and linoleum.

Why Choose Linoleum for Bathrooms

Discovered almost a hundred years ago, the material has proved itself again and again. It is still competing with most of the latest creations in flooring. The main reason is that it is made of solidified linseed oil and is considered the more environmentally friendly option. It is durable, and dents and scrapes can be easily buffed. The material is non-slippery, fire-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean.

The disadvantage of this type of flooring is that it yellows with age in areas where it remains out of sunlight. The material may be less expensive than most, but the installation should be done by a professional and that can be expensive. The linoleum tiles are also limited in colors as compared to vinyl. Another big drawback is that it is not very soundproof.

Why Choose Vinyl Tiles for Bathrooms

Vinyl tiles or sheets are very hygienic and waterproof. Vinyl is a synthetic, petroleum-based material and has been competing against linoleum since its discovery. Vinyl is extremely durable and, with a protective layer on top, can retain its freshly laid look for a long time. It does not fade with age and is available in more styles and designs than any other material. It can also mimic other materials in terms of looks, like stone or wood while, at the same time, being easier to clean, non-slippery, and low cost Another advantage of vinyl tiles or sheets is that they are very easy to install, and you will not need a professional to help you. This would reduce the cost of laying down the bathroom floor considerably.


Vinyl tiles and linoleum floors have similar advantages over other materials. When considering either of the two, it would, in the end, depend on your budget, style, color, and design of your bathroom.