Vinyl Window Blinds

Vinyl window blinds offer an effective and economical method of darkening rooms and of increasing privacy.

Vinyl window blinds come in a wide variety and can either be used alone or be added to existing window treatments. Blinds are easily raised or lowered with one simple motion.

There are also vinyl window blinds that block out sunlight while still allowing you a clear view outside. You can purchase solar blinds that cut out glare, help control any heat from sunlight and even protect furniture against potential damage from ultra violet rays.

Installing your blinds

Vinyl window blinds are easy to install with a manual screwdriver or a simple cordless power screwdriver. You can install the blinds yourself by reading the instructions that come with the product. Make sure the package contains with all the contents you need before you get started.

• Mount the brackets at the top and front of the window opening, then tap the screws in and fasten them tightly.
• Place the valance clips evenly so it can be slid into the brackets.

Testing the blinds

Test your vinyl window blinds by pulling the cord away from the blinds to raise and lower them.