Vinyl Window Repair and Maintenance Vinyl Window Repair and Maintenance

What You'll Need
Feather Duster
Lubricating Oil Spray
Paper Towels
Replacement Catch

For those who own  a vinyl window, repair and maintenance is a vital part of the process of keeping your window clean and functioning. Vinyl can be damaged easily, and so repairing it can become a necessity, rather than something that is unlikely to happen. You should also take care of your vinyl windows even when repair is not necessary, for example by lubricating the hinges when necessary, and cleaning the windows in order to make sure that they look as good as when they were first installed. If you want to know how to lubricate the hinges, or how to repair a broken catch, then follow some basic advice to get the job done quickly.

Step 1 - Clean the Windows

When you are doing your spring cleaning, one of the basic things that you can do to take care of your vinyl windows is to give them a good polish. The windows will benefit from a light dusting, rather than a vacuuming or any other kind of harsh treatment, and the best way to do this is with a feather duster, or similar cloth. The duster will help to remove the largest bits of dirt from your vinyl, without actually harming the windows themselves. Cleaning is also a good way of exercising, so there's no excuse for not making sure that your windows are always bright and clean.

Step 2 - Lubrication

Vinyl windows work best with a small amount of lubrication on the surface of all moving parts. Include this into your spring cleaning and house maintenance tasks, as it is something that can be done in a few minutes, but will ensure that your windows are always easy to open. Start by adding some oil spray to the surface of the hinges, or some spray polish if you choose. Leave for a few minutes, and then wipe the rest away from the hinge using a paper towel. Proceed to lubricate along the top and bottom of your window, using the damp paper towel to add just a light touch of oil to these spaces.

Step 3 - Replace Catches

One of the most common vinyl window repair jobs is to replace a broken catch on the side of the window. These catches ensure that you can open and close your window, and help you to lock the window at night in order to prevent intruders. If you want to replace the catch, you should first find a similar one at a local hardware store. Unscrew the broken catch, taking care not to let the window fall open, or become damaged. You should then fit the new catch into the window in the same place. Make sure that the catch fits the window, and can be locked before you screw it down, and test a few times to ensure that it can open and close.

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