Vinyl, Wood or Aluminum Storm Doors?

Storm Door

If you are on the lookout for a storm door, you will most likely have to make a choice between vinyl, wood and aluminum storm doors. A storm door is similar in concept to a storm window. It is installed over an existing exterior door in a building. This protects the original door from weather conditions and also reduces heat loss in winter months. Most storm doors have screens and panes that can be opened to improve air circulation during the warmer months.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Storm Doors

Vinyl storm doors are the most inexpensive option among all 3. Most are available for around $100, which makes them a popular choice among many buyers. For this price, many people do not mind replacing a vinyl storm door when it is damaged. Vinyl storm doors also have an advantage in the fact that they do not show scratches and holes very clearly. This is because the material is the same color throughout. Vinyl storm doors do not rust and are quite good at insulation. This is beneficial in lowering energy bills in the winter and summer. These storm doors are available in a wide variety of colors and designs as well.

As far as drawbacks are concerned, the biggest one for vinyl storm doors is that they are not long-lasting. They do stand up to wear and tear and can disintegrate faster than aluminum or wood windows. These storm doors are also not as impressive looking as the aluminum and wood versions.

Pros and Cons of Wood Storm Doors

Wood storm doors are sophisticated and highly appealing. With the proper treatment and sealing, these storm doors can last for many years and provide good insulation. Wooden storm doors are highly sturdy and durable. They can enhance security significantly.

One of the biggest drawbacks of wood storm doors is their susceptibility to weather damage. Excessive moisture and humidity can cause warping and swelling. As a result, regular treatment and maintenance of wooden storm doors is a requirement. There is also the possibility of expansion and contraction of the material because of changes in temperature. Wood storm doors also tend to be very expensive.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Storm Doors

Aluminum storm doors are also known for their visual appeal. These storm doors are very strong, durable and longer lasting than most other materials. Aluminum storm doors are heavy and offer a great degree of security. They are impervious to most weather conditions and are not damaged by excessive heat or cold. They resist moisture and are impervious to problems caused by humidity.

Aluminum storm doors are quite expensive, and can cost up to $500. This makes them unsuitable for people with budget restrictions. Aluminum is a highly conductive material and absorbs a lot of heat in the summer months. They are therefore not the most energy efficient choice among storm doors. However, adding foam strips or vinyl to the frame can help in achieving better energy efficiency.