Volvo Repair Manual: Wheel Bearing Replacement Volvo Repair Manual: Wheel Bearing Replacement

What You'll Need
Tire wrench
Replacement wheel bearing
Car jacks
Flathead screwdriver

If you discover a problem with your Volvo, it is prudent to check your Volvo repair manual before undertaking any work. This will confirm how to undertake the task properly.

Step 1 – Remove Tire

Raise the car with the use of car jacks and jack stands. A tire iron will enable you to remove the lug nuts holding the tire in place. This process will give you access to replace the wheel bearing.

Step 2 – Disassemble Braking System

The Volvo repair manual will recommend that you bleed the brakes before removing the brake calipers. Remove the axel bolt cover, which can be pried out of place with a flathead screwdriver, before removing the axel bolts beneath with the relevant wrench.  

Step 3 – Remove Wheel Bearing

Withdraw the entire wheel bearing assembly from the axel and use a rag to wipe the axel and surrounding components.

Step 4 – Assembly  

Install the new wheel bearing by reversing the steps that it took to remove it. If necessary, grease the threads before securing it in place. Reattach the bolt cover before doing the same with the calipers and the tire. If necessary, refill the brake fluid in accordance with the Volvo repair manual.

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