Walk-in Bath/Shower Ideas

A walk-in bath/shower can not only be a rather stylish option, but it can also prove more convenient than standard varieties. By understanding the different option available, you can decide on the idea best for you.  

Wet Room

Rather than settling for installing a traditional shower cubicle or bathtub, consider whether a wet room will be suitable. This will negate the need for all the fixtures and fittings that would come with an average bathroom and make for a much simpler room. With decoration that must comprise completely tiled surfaces, it can be as simple or as complicated as you like and can use a simple drainage system to allow water to leave the room. You can add a design accent by using an over-sized stylish shower head.   

Shower Cubicle

The requirement for a walk-in bath/shower can be satisfied by installing a shower cubicle. The range that is available will make it easy to find one to suit your needs. For an ultra modern and stylish look, opt for fitting a free-standing variety in the middle of the room. However, if you have limited space in your bathroom, choose a corner-fitting shower with a curved wall that will take up less room. Regular walk-in showers can be contained with hinged or sliding glass doors, as well as a shower curtain, according to which is more convenient for you. Walk-in bath/shower cubicles are constructed in accordance with the shower basin, and these are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Rather than immediately choosing a standard square shower shape, think about whether you and your bathroom would benefit from something different, such as a circular or double sized shower.


Create a spa-like environment in your bathroom by fitting a walk-in bath/shower beyond a single partition wall. This can be glass or tiled, depending on the design that suits you and the use of your bathroom. You will have more options as far as shower heads, as well as other fixtures and fittings to enhance the design of your room. Fitting this type of shower in a corner will give you more possibilities with regard to the rest of the room and the furniture you can fit to add to the design. Consider wooden benches like those you will find in a steam room to make your bathroom more relaxing.  


Wanting a walk-in bath/shower does not mean that you must do without a bathtub. There is a massive range of walk-in varieties of bathtubs available. If you have limited room, you can install a smaller sized walk-in bathtub that has higher sides and comprises a door which opens inwards to prevent problems from needing to open the door in awkward spaces. These types of bathtub are a good option for those that are not completely able-bodied. Additional safety features can be added if it is necessary. These bathtubs can also be made more useful with the addition of a whirlpool facility.