Walk-In Closet Design in 3 Steps

While designing a walk in closet may seem like a mammoth project, it is in fact, something that you can attempt doing yourself. There are just a few aspects that you need to keep in mind while designing the walk in closet. These factors ensure that you do not miss out on the essential aspects that you need to cover. 


One of the first aspects that you need to think of while designing the walk in closet are the doors. You can opt for traditional doors, bifold doors or even sliding doors. While traditional and bifold doors can be used for storage above the door, such storage is not possible with sliding doors. Make sure that you give adequate thought to the space requirement even in a walk in closet before you decide on the door style.

Apparel Saftey

Bugs and insects are a genuine issue with a walk in closet. Using cedar wood for your walk in closet can solve this issue since cedar repels bugs and moths. If, however, you miss out on this aspect of design you can always take recourse in moth balls and insect repellant sachets.


A walk in closet definitely requires adequate lighting for easy management. Make sure that you give some thought to the placement of the closet along with the availability of electrical fittings before you close in on the design.