Walk-In Shower Design Tips

You can create an ultimate get-away with a walk-in shower. Review several design ideas before deciding your final shower design.

Increase the Width

The width of a shower can create the feel of roominess. Most people need at least 39 inches of width for lifted arms. If you are creating a walk-in shower, consider a space between 40 and 42 inches wide. Wider showers are more difficult to heat.

Accents and Accessories

You will want to place the tile accents and decorative borders at eye level for the maximum effect. Install the soap dish on the same side of the shower as the showerhead. If you are creating a walk-in shower to accommodate an older person, place grab bars at the shower entrance and on the wall. A corner seat is a popular design feature for a walk-in shower. Also, be sure to use a non-skid floor.

Preparation and Planning

If you are installing a walk-in shower where another shower had been located, make sure the water supply and waste removal lines fit your new shower design.  

The floor must be able to bear extra weight. Reinforce if necessary.

If the new shower footprint covers any electrical wiring, it’s a good ideal to move the wiring before installing the shower.