Wall Air Conditioner Unit Maintenance

A wall AC unit.

During really hot summer months, one of the things that are a must is wall air conditioner unit maintenance. A few minutes of preventive maintenance will pay you dividends especially when temperatures hit the century mark across the country.

Precautions Warranted

It makes very little sense to have a wall air conditioner unit during warm weather that you cannot use because you did not take a few precautions. It is best, of course, to take these precautions at the start of the season, but even during the peak of the summer, you can still take some steps to keep things working properly.

The first item to check is the filter. Make sure it is clean and free of dirt and dust. Many times you will find the output of your air conditioner is cut back because the filter on the input side is dirty. All it would take is a new filter or washing to clean the dirt out and you will find your air conditioner suddenly is performing at peak efficiency.

Check Output

Another place to check is the output vents to make sure they are free of dirt and dust because that will also cut your unit’s efficiency, not to mention the fact that it could make your allergies much worse.

Ensure you have a good electrical cord on the unit and that it isn’t worn or frayed. Indeed, a worn or frayed unit not only makes your air conditioner more inefficient, it is an invitation to a fire because of the extra resistance and heat built up.

Make sure that all of the controls work correctly and that they spin or click as they are supposed to. If not, you might try to use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust or particles that may have built up in back of them.

Call on a Professional

If you are really seriously mechanically inclined, you can buy a Freon recharge kit and give your wall unit a new shot of Freon so that it will work efficiently and provide you with great performance. If you do this, though, you will run into a problem and that is what to do with the old Freon. If you are unsure about this, it would pay off to call an expert who can come in and do all of this work for you, especially the replacement of the refrigerant.

Indeed, replacing the refrigerant and ensuring that the filters, including a HEPA air cleaning filters, are clean will go a long way toward having not only a wall unit that works very well but also one that is environmentally friendly.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to give the entire unit a cleaning so that not only will it be working perfectly, but it will also look great. There’s nothing worse than having a unit that works perfectly only to find that it could use a good cleaning. Use a mild soap and water solution and be sure to get into all the tight spaces so everything will look good.