Wall Beds: Horizontal vs Vertical

White living space with a wall bed
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Wall beds are innovative, space-saving types of beds which are becoming rather popular as room areas are diminishing. However, prior to deciding to purchase a wall bed you must check the floor and wall space available in that particular room, while also considering the most efficient use of space.

Furthermore, it is best to shop around as there are various sizes and styles to choose from. Making an informed decision is very important in any type of purchase. It pays to plan well beforehand. In this article, we shall be discussing the main aspects you should take into consideration when deciding what type of wall beds to opt for, whether a horizontal or a vertical one.

Vertical Wall Beds

Vertical wall beds are the ones which were originally introduced. These wall beds are basically folded upwards to hold upright against the wall. This is the way in which they are stored. This type of wall bed inevitably requires the ceiling to be relatively high, to accommodate the length of the bed.

Besides, for this kind of wall bed to be feasible there must be enough space for the bed once it has been lowered onto the floor. Any other furniture needs to be placed in locations where it will not be in the way for the bed, once it has been lowered to the floor for use.

Horizontal Wall Beds

Horizontal wall beds were introduced to make up for the disadvantages of the vertical wall beds. Mainly, horizontal wall beds eliminate the problem of having a high enough ceiling to accommodate the bed's length, once it has been folded up. This is due to the fact that a horizontal wall bed does not require height. Conversely it needs enough wall length. The bed will basically fold sideways.

Convenience Issues

murphy wall bed

A main aspect is whether these beds are convenient or not. Some people prefer to have a more cramped room, or do with less furniture, rather than having to use a wall bed. However, nowadays more manufacturers are making it a point to enable all the bedsheets, pillows and other related items to be left on the bed, even when it has been folded.

Straps usually are included to keep them in place, together with an appropriate storage space design to accommodate them properly. Another aspect to consider is that if a double bed is in question, it is best to choose a vertical wall bed. Otherwise, one of the bed's occupants will be closed off against the wall while the bed is in use.

Storage Possibilities

Both beds enable storage possibilities. However, most people tend to opt for horizontal wall beds for basic storage needs since they are based on length. The bed's headboard design should also be taken into account.

The decision as to whether to choose a horizontal or a vertical wall bed will depend mainly on the height of the ceiling, the area of the room and the space you need for the other furniture items. Efficient positioning is key.