Wall Exhaust Fans Wall Exhaust Fans

Used both commercially and residentially, wall exhaust fans help to keep rooms from overheating while also ridding the spaces of vapors, airborne particles and smoke. Found in bathrooms, kitchens as well as warehouses, barns, fabrics, wood shops and other industrial locations, a wall exhaust fan is a vital yet unnoticed component of a room's design. Without an this type of exhaust system, a room would quickly overheat, making it uncomfortable for workers as well as creating a fire hazard. In the home, wall exhaust fans keep moisture buildup to a minimum and effectively vent odors. 

Industrial Wall Fans

For industrial applications, wall exhaust fans come as large as 4 feet in diameter for the fan belt driven units. Larger box exhaust fans are used in heavy industrial zones. With a stainless steel or aluminum design, high-quality louvers and powerful impellers capable of moving thousands of cubic feet of air per minute, industrial wall exhaust fans draw hot air, fumes and airborne irritants out of a work space. 

Domestic Wall Fans

Bathrooms would quickly form mold if not for wall exhaust fans expelling the water vapor that builds up after showers. Likewise, in the kitchen, steam from oven use as well as smoke and grease vapor is channeled to the outside by means of the wall exhaust fan. 

At home or at the workplace, wall exhaust fans serve a very practical purpose by drawing heated air and anything hovering in it to the outside.

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