Wall-Hung Lavatory Wall-Hung Lavatory

A wall-hung lavatory is easy to install and easy to work on because of the fact that they don’t usually have anything to work around. A wall-hung lavatory is mounted with a bracket that’s attached to a board which is set in the wall studs. Follow these simple instructions to install a wall-hung lavatory.

• Decide the height of the wall-hung lavatory and remove the plaster from the wall to find two studs.
• Next mount a board to the studs that’s the same size as the back of the lavatory. Make sure that it’s flush with the surrounding plaster so the lavatory won’t look out of place.
• Now you can the bracket to the board. Make sure that you center the bracket over the piping and level it properly before you bolt it down.

Tips For Installing a Wall-Hung Lavatory

• When installing a wall-hung lavatory you need to make sure that the board that the mounting bracket is going to be placed into is level. This will ensure the lavatory’s weight is properly balanced.
• Usually a lavatory is 31” to 36” from the ground.

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