Wall Mount Electric Fireplace: Avoid Installation Mistakes

When installing a wall mount electric fireplace, there are some common mistakes to avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Model

If you are in a temporary residence like a condo or apartment, make sure you choose a model that can be plugged in.

Unless you want a permanent addition, you’ll likely want to avoid any model that requires ‘hard wiring’ into the existing electrical system. One of the greatest benefits of an electric fireplace is its ability to be plugged into a standard wall outlet.

Make sure the wall you choose has a standard outlet at the right height.

Cutting into Drywall
Although the wall mounted fireplace gives off the illusion of being inserted into the wall, nearly all models simply recess into the surround plate.

Be sure to read instructions carefully before attempting to install.

Buying a Gel Model by Mistake
There are some “electric” fireplaces that are actually combo gel and electric fireplaces. Especially if you are purchasing your fireplace online, be sure to read carefully and see if you’ll need to light a gel can to get a flame look.

There are many models that don’t require any flame at all, although the gel can provide a more realistic looking flame.