Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet Installation Part 3 Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet Installation Part 3

What You'll Need
Pot filler faucet and installtion kit
Transition Union fitting
Wood or drywall putty
Hammer and finishing nails
Putty Knife
Paint and painting tools
Adjustable wrench
Drill with hole saw adapter blade
Measuring tape
Pipe joint compound

In Part 2 of this series on how to install a wall mount pot filler faucet, you learned how to connect the new water supply line for the faucet, join the copper water pipes to the inlet hose with a transition union fitting and secure the protector plates that hold the copper water pipe in place. In Part 3 of this tutorial, you will learn how to install the faucet in the wall and finish up. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 - Cut Hole for Installing New Faucet

Use the saws-all saw tool to cut an area in the wall where the new pot filler faucet will be installed. Make sure that the hole is large enough that you could reach inside to connect the water inlet pipe and valve to the new faucet and valve stem. Set the piece of wallboard aside and save it as you will need it later.

Step 2 - Connect Valve Stem to Water Inlet Valve

Use pipe joint compound on the threaded fittings to connect the water inlet valve to the water inlet hose or pipe. Then, use compound on the valve stem and insert it into the water inlet valve. Use an adjustable wrench to make sure the connections are tight. However, don't tighten them too much because you could crack or damage the fittings.

Step 3 - Cut Hole in Piece of Removed Wall Board

Use your drill and hole saw adapter to drill a hole in the piece of wallboard that you removed. You'll need to make sure that the hole in the piece of wallboard is aligned so that the valve stem will protrude out of it.

Step 4 - Replace Wall Board

Take the piece of wallboard and align it on the wall and use finishing now is to tack it to the studs. Make sure that you can access the water stem valve inside.

Step 5 - Install Escutcheon Ring or Faucet Base

Refer to the instructions that came with your new pot filler faucet and install the base of the faucet or the escutcheon ring. This will be the section of the faucet that actually holds it in place on the wall.

Step 6 - Install Faucet and Handle

Again, refer to the instructions that came with your faucet for installing the handles to the valve stem. If necessary, use the pipe joint compound on the connections for the faucet to the valve stem. In most cases, you'll need to use a screwdriver to tighten a retaining screw so the handle can be installed.

Step 7 - Finish Up

After you finish installing the new pot filler faucet, you need to touch up the wallboard where you installed the pipe and faucet. Use a putty knife and wood putty or drywall putty to cover any seams. Then, use sandpaper to smooth out the seams and repaint the wall board as needed.

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