Wall Mount Pot Filler: Installation Mistakes to Avoid

A wall mount pot filler is a great convenience in your kitchen if you use a lot of large pots in your cooking. Many gourmet style kitchens will have a wall mount pot filler installed in order to fill large pots with water for boiling water. Installing a wall mount pot filler is not a difficult project, but does require some attention to detail. Here are some mistakes to avoid during the installation.

Not Choosing Right Location

There are two places where the wall mount pot filler should be installed. Near the sink where the pot can fit in the sink while being filled is a good option. However, many contractors will also suggest on the stove itself. This way you do not have to lift the pot full of water.

Not Using Protector Plates

When installing the wall mount pot filler you will be cutting through the wall studs in order to run the copper pipes. Protector plates are used to keep the pipes from being damaged from nails, screws, and rubbing up against the wood.

Not Using Copper Pipe

The standard pipe for a water supply line is copper pipe. A lot of people try to get by with using PVC for small installations. However, it is important to use copper pipe for being able to install efficiently and easily.