Wall Sheathing Wall Sheathing

While building a house you don't want to forget to put up the wall sheathing. Wall sheathing is made up of large panels of wood that have been place over the frame on the exterior of the house. It is over the top of this wood that you place the foam insulation. There are always a few things to remember when installing wall sheathing.

• Make sure you pick out the right grade of wood. Plywood is graded on its front and back, so make sure you have a high grade facing the outside to help protect the house from weathering.
• Check to see how many pieces of wall sheathing you will need before you purchase them. Make sure you purchase an extra piece in case you mess up a cut or need extra.
• Lay the wall sheathing over the 2x4s and screw or nail them down firmly. Make sure the wall sheathing has as few cracks as possible.

Structural Wall Sheathing

For areas that must withstand hurricanes or high winds there is structural wall sheathing. This type of sheathing has extra support, so that it will not peel away in strong winds. It also helps hold the entire frame of the house together during a strong storm.

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