Wall Stencil Designs: 2 Ideas for Bathrooms

Decorating your bathroom with wall stencil designs can be a lot of fun. After all, you get to show off your creative side and brag about your work to guests. However, it can seem like there are a lot of options available for decorating your bathroom with wall stencils. consider the following options that are very easy to paint and very easy to match when buying your bathroom accessories.

Seascape Your Bath

Seaside wall stencils designs are very popular today. You can choose lighthouses or seashells when completing this project. However, you can also find stencil design sheets that offer a variety of stencils all on one page. You can use these sheets to create your own unique seascape that your quests will love. After all a bathroom painted in white and decorated with beautiful sea shades is always beautiful.

The Ducks Have It

Consider rubber duckies for you bathroom wall stencil design. After all, rubber duckies are not just for kids today. You can choose duck stencils in a variety of sizes. Next paint them in various shades of yellow to create a fun effect. you could even paint a few pink or green just to spice up the look. After all, creativity is what makes wall stencil designs unique.