Wall Stencil Designs: 2 Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

When considering wall stencil designs for your kids bedroom there are several things to consider. However, there are limitless possibilities available today. Of course you will first want to consider whether your child is a boy or a girl. You can also think about hobbies your child may have or cartoons they may like. Consider the following two ideas for decorating your child's room with beautiful wall stencils.

Precut Stencils You Buy

You can buy precut stencils at most do-it-yourself stores today. The advantage of these stencil is that you simply paint the interior of the stencil. In addition, you can choose stencils that you may not be able to draw or paint by freehand. If you are designing your child's room with a cartoon character a precut stencil may be your best choice.

Projection Method Stenciling

If you are looking for a stencil that is hard to find or unique a projector may be your only hope. With this method you can take a piece of tracing paper with the picture on it and project the picture onto the way. if the picture is not available on tracing paper you may have to first trace the picture yourself. Next you will trace the outline of the picture on the wall before you fill it in with paint.