Wall vs Window Extractor Fan: Which to Choose?

A wall or window extractor fan is a very useful way of ensuring that your house receives adequate ventilation. The fan is useful in the kitchen and bathroom to remove condensation by eliminating moisture caused by cooking in the kitchen and showering in the bathroom.  The fan can be mounted on the window, wall or ceiling. Extractor fans also come with a variety of features meant to boost their performance. Such features include timers, which enable the fan to continue working even after you leave the bathroom. It then switches itself off after the set time. Some extractor fans also come with sensors, which allow them to turn on when the level of moisture reaches a pre-set level. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to install your fan on the window or on the wall.


When choosing where to install your extractor fan, you should consider the amount of work you are willing to do during installation. Installing a fan on the window is easier than on the wall. All you will need to do is find an extractor fan that fits in an open window of your kitchen or bathroom. Should the fan be bigger than the open window, you can easily cut out part of the window glass to accommodate the fan. Installing the fan on the wall will, on the other hand, require removal of a part of your wall by drilling a hole to insert the tube that will carry air outside.

Air Flow

To work effectively, install the extractor fan in such a way that allows maximum flow of air into your house. Place the fan at the furthest and highest point from the main air inlet. If the window is in the way of the main inlet, installing a window extractor fan will compromise the ventilation of your home. Instead, you should look for a position on the wall away from the inlet.


An extractor fan is noisy and the point of installation should not get in the way of the peace and quiet of your neighbors.  If your window is too close to the neighbors then a window extractor fan may not be a good idea. You should instead consider a side of your wall where you can install a wall extractor fan away from the neighbors, but still allowing free flow of air into the bathroom or kitchen.

Weather Seasons

Consider the weather seasons that prevail in your area before deciding where to mount your extractor fan. If your area experiences extreme winter and summer seasons, installing the fan on the window is not wise. The window on which the fan is mounted will have to remain open during these seasons, as you will still need fresh air around the house. In such a case, mounting a wall extractor fan will be the best option. If, however, your area experiences relatively moderate temperatures around the year, a window extractor fan will be easier to mount.